Bliss daily detoxifying facial toner (6.7 oz, 200 mL)
  • Bliss daily detoxifying facial toner (6.7 oz, 200 mL)

Bliss daily detoxifying facial toner (6.7 oz, 200 mL)

Restores pH, purifies, soothes and hydrates.


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from our spa to your skin™
daily detoxifying facial toner
This really refreshing, mega-moisturizing primer will not only help you milk your ounce of prevention (or other dew) for all it's worth, but it's amped up with antioxidants to purify and protect you from everyday age-expediting aggressors. Think of it as one small step for you, one giant leap for your skin. 
Benefits of this ultra modern formula
  • for all skin types 
  • preps skin to accept moisturizer better 
  • with calming rose water and free radical-fighting malachite 
  • sodium hyaluronate binds moisture to skin 
  • alcohol-free formula gently tightens pores 
  • sublime citrus scent
Ingredient Highlights
rose water (rosa centifolia flower extract) provides skin softening, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, restores skin pH level after cleansing, and tightens pores 
sodium hyaluronate a naturally occurring humectant molecule that attracts and binds moisture, so skin does not feel tight or dry as the appearance of pores is minimized 
malachite extract derived from a semi-precious gemstone, this copper compound has anti-microbial and free radical fighting action, which detoxifies, purifies and boosts skin's ability to fight environmental damage
After cleansing, smooth daily detoxifying facial toner over face with a cotton pad to rebalance skin's pH level and prep it for prime hydration. Follow with moisturizer (we suggest an ounce of prevention AM or PM, depending on the time of day, of course).
bliss tip: in order to 'hoist' its delivery of 'moist' to the max, dab on bliss daily detoxifying facial toner with a cotton pad that's damp, rather than dry (the same technique our spa estheticians use to apply).
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