Reshu Malhotra

Reshu Malhotra is a well known stylist and makeup artist in Dubai. Enhancing the unique and natural beauty of a woman is her passion. Having learned the art from the London Makeup School, Makeup Forever Academy, Esmod Dubai and Dermalogica, she is experienced in special effects(SFX) Makeup, skincare and consultancy.

She feels blessed for the opportunity to make people feel and look beautiful. She has been part of various Fashion Shows, Shoots, and Model Portfolios happening around the city. This has given her the exposure to work with people of different skin tones, skin types and ethnicities. She has also been associated with some of the most recognised photographers, agencies, crews and talent. In Reshu’s own words, “The joy that I receive from the smiles on the faces of my clients is deeply rewarding."

Currently, she blogs about style and beauty with many magazines and portals in Dubai. She is a very well-known blogger and her articles are viewed in more than 100 countries and have followers from different parts of the world. She also does Editorial work for magazines. Her passion for make-up brings out the writer in her and she shares articles mostly related to Skin care, Products reviews, Beauty and Makeup.

In short, she is a Fashion Addict, a Beauty Blogger and a Passionate Makeup Artist, as she herself puts it.